Saturday, March 13, 2010

All is lost..

When there is no more warmth, only a cold void,
When there is no more closeness, only a distant knowledge,
When there is no more true laughter, only a courtesy smile,
When not only are we out of sight, we're out of mind as well.

"When u say u wouldnt let go, was it a momentary consolation?"

Its funny how things unravel, something in ways you would nvr expect,
And yet, i had already foreseen it all, and it still feels like a curse to me.

Not a gift. Never.

For it is better to be oblivious to the happenings of the world ard you,
Than to look into the obvious, and cold hard truths.

The hand that was suppose to be there to grip me when i fell, is no longer to be found,
The light that was suppose to guide my way through this dark tunnel, is no longer burning.

All is lost. Once again.

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