Thursday, March 11, 2010

First of all,

Gratz to Ivan for getting 9 A's on your exams ~! Lol..and sorry for not believing :X U just dont seem like the studying kinda ma.. Haha.. anyway nice job ;)


Baby for surviving after fighting with her exams :)

Kinda moody today, coz 1st of all, headache still lurking ard, and actually couldnt wake up this morning, if not for the good morning sms from u, i would have slept it through :S These few days has been kinda busy, esp in the evenings, and i guess the heat is really a killer.

Currently looking at 2 sheets of paper, accounts , and trying to make the amounts tie.. Im still short of about 60 bucks and i dont knw where the hell it is =.= Anyway, made the call and goin for an interview tomoro. We'll see how it goes ba, so wish me luck? :)

Ahp msn'ed me and apologised about ytd lol..which i didnt think he would, but he did sweet. Anyway i didnt really remember it ady, prolly coz im so friggin sleepy =.= But yeah, he said he didnt remember saying it, and felt bad abt it. In case ur wondering, he used the word "stupid" on me. Lolz. I guess it was on impulse and he said he might have been trying to be cute, problem is, he wasnt cute =.= And i still dont like tat word >_>"

Oh well, gonna let it go anyway :)

And yay! I found the difference dy! :X Lol...good to have a distraction once in awhile :P Anyways, back to work :)


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