Monday, March 8, 2010

I just did something which i nvr expected a reply from...

I sms'ed to join a comp by Red Fm- a local radio station and they called me back! O_O! LOL! RM750 ok? And i thought i heard the start of the game ler..apparently it was the 2nd half which means i only got the last 5 songs ><. The minute i pened the last song, i was like, OMG, i only got 2nd half...dont call, dont call, dont call!! And they did! RAWR! And they aired the convo! Omg la...and i sound weird on radio ><. So shy ... Not really! TMD! 750 fly! ;wild

Other than that, same ol' Monday blues with all the rainbow colours as well.. spent the day staring at the pc and numbers and stacks n stacks of paper. Sigh, work is fkin mundane =\ Came home, rested awhile and practiced for exp comp. Guess that my only entertainment nowadays, dont really play much, coz it does get abit lonely..think i might be quitting soon lol :)

Yes, i got 1st, which came as quite a surprise lol, considering the fact that i actually missed lvl 10 n 11 =.= Seriously need to get some moves for those levels. But cool right? Lol.. Was out the 2nd round though, dam friggin cc4 and stupid no perf song :X *blames blames*

Stalked Jx and faifai npc'ing and after abit couldnt tahan le, eyes dam tired and sleepy. So log off and tried to watch anime, got one epi and now it cant load anymore. FML >_>"

Gonna head to bed i guess, its been a tiring day, physically n emotionally lol..

Oyasumi ~ :)


Is there a valid reason im being treated as invisible again?
Ive nvr done it when u needed me,
Isnt that what friends are for?

I hope im wrong. This time.

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