Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just finished watching CSI - LV and well its pass 2am dy. Thinking i shd sleep, but feeling dam unwell.. and i just noticed my eyes are red again..sigh..Shd i take mc tomoro? :(

Anyway, had Jp class earlier..It was ok, had a little dictation test on hiragana, and i think i made some boo boos D: Bad memory lately, but then again, i have no problems remembering sentences or words..hmmm.. selective memory? Lolz. I will jy to remember de ba, guess im nt used to it and havent been using it much...jyjy me :)

Just made it in time for class though, and i kinda dont like being there and the class starts. I like to be at the places im intended to be at least 1/2hr b4 so i can relax and get into the mood..Lol :S. It not weird ok? Quite normal D:

And i blame my bladi boss for trying to make me late like last week again. Like i said, manager nvr came in, and so did the lady boss. Wonder what their up to? Oh wells, dont really care. Dude came in though and at his most loved time.. 4.30.

Normally i wouldnt have any problems with him coming in, bt like i said b4, he has serious time management issues. I think he thinks we jz came in for work and starts throwing 20odd pages of docs to scan and send out by email. =.= Does it matter that the scanner is like at the other end of the office? No. Does it matter that i have to send out almost 5 to 6 emails and it takes me abt 10mins to get one to send out? Nop. I still do it. Even when my colleague who was suppose to get something frm boss' house, suddenly miss calls my hp (i hate it whn he does it, cheapskate) and tell me his motor broke down n is in shop, and continuing on with lame qns and wasting time that i didnt have much of. He only heard me putting down his call. Tmd. Dont annoy me at times like tis =.=

Then boss comes with another file and asks me to send those out and taking his sweet time to choose =.= its already 5.45 k? Serious veins popping. Its only time in the entire week i need to go off sharp, and they know that. And i tell him i need to leave soon and he gives me that look. Tat annoying "i dont care" look and continues being an ass. Sigh. Dono what to say.

I give up. Really. On everything for now. I just feel i need to breathe, and sleep the entire day and not worry about anything or anyone.

P/s: I dont even know when ill post this. For now, ill just keep on writing.

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