Sunday, March 14, 2010

Konnichiwa minna~!! :)

Gonna start this post now and end it b4 i go to sleep.. Lol :p Still in a daze frm early morning jp class x.x.. imagine on a Sunday @_@; but then again, i dont have to work, unlike some people :( Sayang ya~ :)

After much memorising last nite (till 3plus x.x) and waking up to almost nothing in memory, safe to say, i actually survived todays class and managed to get the writings ask right! Omedetou me! :D Lolol..:X

Am actually planning to take a short nap, so i wont feel so blur if i wanted to join compy. Thinking i just might ba :) After much self put down and low self esteem frm these cpl of days, i figure, wat the hell, im gonna do my best and not think much about it and just have fun right? And besides, i am pro in my own way...LOL! :X ;shy Right right? I wanna be idolised too :p Hahahahaha! Omg la, im really tired i think >_>"

Just updated my resume for like god dono when i last did it, and am gonna mass spam dy~! Been posting to some export companies, hopefully ill get more good news soon, having my fingers crossed :) Also goin to some seminar on thursday, about realty & property law n stuff lolzz.. Mum wants me to try it out n since ive already tried most of the sales line i could ever try, might as well try this ba :D

Im gonna be so dead tired this week :S

Oh ya, the only ss i took of the audi event ytd afternoon.. which i didnt even know i :D

Was actually thinking of chancing, but scrapped that coz all will advance dy. See la, shd have forced myself to chance hor? :D I might, or a have large possibility of dying in next weeks rd. But wat the hoot, just do it, Nike style :p

Time for a little nap~! Ja matta~!! :)

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