Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fool's Day and an early Happy Easters!! :DD

Lol...these 2 shd be declared public holidays huh? :X Well, its Thursdays anyway and since ive survived till today, i can make it for another day ba =\

Im bored..

Dead bored..

Suicidally bored...

Anyway, as i foresaw, i didnt get to go back on time again for Jp class and ended up just making it in time for class =.= Actually no, class already started when i reached zzz I dont know why this only happens on Wednesday. Its become sort of a habit with them. Blah. Class was ok ytd, more on convo practices, though our vocab has not really expanded much , so right now i can say my name, where i worked, my hp phone no very well.. Now the only thing to really master is, to say all that incoherently LOL! Its true eh...sensei played a cd for us on Jp ppl conversing and all u could really hear was alot of, well, not much words is all i can say :S

Went home and tagged with babe awhile. Was kinda tired after awhile and we logged off to rest :) But in the end, baka me slept at abt 3am. What the hell did i do b4 that?? I seriously cant remember at all leh *tries thinking* Hmmmm..nop, cant remember shit :x

Logged off, went to bathe, came back sis was using my pc to talk to a friend of mine on msn, so i used hers to play my normal slots, pull tabs and scratch offs, work my pets, take out my cafe dishes...and thats it? :O Wtf that took me 4hrs? =.=

Oh wells, its gonna be a looong Thursday for sure. Thankfully i have some work to preoccupy myself. Yes, i know i shd be thankful that im so free at work, bt u guys come here and sit ard doing nothing for almost 2 weeks, 9hrs a day. Believe me, insanity is not really so far off. Its either too busy or too dam free :S Think i shall not bring my soul along to work next time, let is sleep in my nice nice bed.. :x

Am actually slowing down on finishing my webby designing in case i really dont have anything else to do after this D: *takes gun out*

I wan a white iphone! D:! Lol..random yes, but i still want it T_T~

Oh, i shd continue reading my old posts then lol..some really funny shit that i wrote and cant even remember now. Thank god im so long winded :p But i still say i sounded like a dum dum last time ><. Must go find honey dew drink liao...right babe? :p

Back to work (or whatever u guys wanna call it) Ciaoz!! :3

P/s: No pranking, lame jokes, or tricks today. I will get very angry de ar =.= Lol :x

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