Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You guys might have realised that there has not been any posting since Saturday. Maybe ur assuming that im in one those moods again (emo to be exact) well, one thing is clear, im upset ok? And also i wondered, if i had actually died in the time that i did not post, would i have to come back as a, well, wandering spirit to update here that i have actually passed on? =.=

Yes, im emotional not emo, there's a difference. But then again, maybe i havent been a good friend thats why its not important.

Or maybe its the lack of sleep. Having weird dreams again lately, very very weird. Or im the one who's weird o.o

Slept at almost 4am last nite, coz was trying to get 2 ppl to talk. Its kinda funny how i always have good timing in chanced situations like this - as they put it. I guess im fated that way. A lesson be learnt here, the past will always catch up on you and lies will always uncover themselves regardless of how many things u put on top it to cover it up. Its like trying to cover up all the shit beneath with many many layers of sundae ice cream. Lol, its gross, bt isnt it like that?

Phone is fucked, coz i was too lazy to walk over and pay my friggin bill. Sigh. Am thinking of walking over right now, but, for some reason my butt is still stuck to my seat =.= Shall not mention about work today, 1 word sums it up - sucks.

Was blog hopping this morning, and chanced upon Urban Monk Diaries - i was particularly amused and kinda needed to do some of the the new year resolutions posted:

1. Throw away all self help books - Just observe what u always do in order to be happy. Stop doing it. Be happy.

2.Dont strain your memory - See everything and everyone as new everyday. That way, youll nvr be surprised with anything that happens.

3. Dont waste your energy hating people - If the Sun finds them good enough to shine on them everyday, that good enough for you. ( Hmm.. Hate is a strong word for me, disliking their guts on the other hand is not and humorous enough for me :p)

Also been kinda thinking back when i was back in ME, seriously missing those guys. The non stop kpi's kpi's kpi's, the back to back calls and the pitches which sometimes became so routine you could do it while polishing your nails. Lol. I miss those bitching sessions, the nonsensical talk which served no purpose but crazed laughter among the grp. Yes, i miss them. Alot.

Im really happy when i see the ppl i love come in here to be updated. But dont rely entirely on this page to knw hw i am. A little sms or a nudge on my msn would make my day. An honest act of truly caring and not coz i asked to. Im nt asking for too much am i? (though i knw its cheaper to read it all here =.=).

I need a pick me up-er leh...

Choco and ice cream~~ Wat else could a girl ask for? Me want! :D

Doh, getting a headache frm smelling the paint pen while coloring the clocks for too long x.x Not bery cool =\

Edited: Thank Jy babe for nudging me in msn and asking me if im alright :) Ur exclamation marks and constant lol'ing made me follow too :D And also for this .. "Surround yourself with ppl who make you forget about your past, laugh about the present and dream about the future!"

Maybe thats wat i need to do to be happy, by leaving the things that makes me unhappy :)

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