Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Horrible headache all of a sudden ><. Damn these migraines... i gotta go sleep soon i think.. Cant even blame the weather..hmm well maybe i can, its been raining cats n dogs one second and hot as hell the other >_>"

Work was extremely busy this afternoon, to the point i didnt even have the chance to log in FB , can u believe it? Lol. I mean i havent been this busy for awhile now and though the tasks were idiotically idiotic, it was still a welcome to my if not mundane day. I mean its only Tuesday leh ><.

Ended leavin the office last :O and reached hm almost 7plus le. Had dinner, watched some old TVB serials (which was like a 20plus yr old drama lmao..brings back memories leh..) and started tagging for abit till i fell asleep halfway through lol. Woke up, did abit more and well logged off. Didnt really do much today, but still, just alittle bit more :)

After this, i doubt i will log in audi, well maybe nt anoili lol. We'll see :) But i guess im happy that ur happy for now and i hope it lasts, though it would hv been nice to know frm u, whr u were headed for hols instead of me reading u telling someone else. But then, who am i? Lolz.

Hmmm..if only :) If only time could reversed itself to 3yrs ago, would i have still followed the same path?

Lol..guess migraine is really getting to me now. My eyes are squinting and my eyeballs from the sudden pains that comes and goes. Oh my.. really shd get it checked, yes? :)

Blog might go private for awhile, just my alone time frm the world. But if those who are close to me and constantly come in to read, drop me a buzz in msn or fb and get the pass frm me k?

Gah, think i need to lie down. Cant stand the pain ady ><.

Thank god its a hol this weekend though, plan to get off on Monday as well :)

Sweet dreams all & oyasumi nasai~ <3~

P.s. I still wan my polaroid camera :x *pouts*

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