Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ahhhhh!! Bad hair day D:! Actually its been bad hair days! U know when your hair length reached the shoulders and the ends tend to curl outwards? Kinda like a 60's Twiggy type hair style. Dono? Go Google =.=*

Was actually thinking of keeping it long again but with the current heat wave, i might just die of heat stroke. So vanity or death? Hmmm, dying for vanity does sound kinda Shakesperean no? Lol o.o"

*starts pulling out hair* :S

Day was ok i guess, normal and well, annoying at some point. Bosses came in at the same time again and guess what leh? I have Jp class =.= Lol, its seriously becoming a habit with them. But thankfully my ass wipe of a boss left earlier, so im cool :D But forgot to bring homework to office to do! >___<" So rushed back home as soon i could n did D:

And oh ya, had to redo the clock thingy coz kenot have rectangle shaped de! Wtf?

Came home, tagged abit, bathed and thinking of continuing lolz.. and still watching csi Almost fell asleep in class lor just now! Heng didnt and could still answer when the teacher asked rofl :x Its kinda getting to be addictive. Problem is, my pc is acting up again, dont knw if was coz of wat i did, but then its the same problem that i had b4 so i guess not ba. Its juz my pc being a bitch and wanna spoil my mood =.=

Oh wells.. time for some coffee(lol) and rest ba :) Ciaoz!

P.s: I really dont know why i even fking bother trying, when i only get to say less than 10 words b4 my window is just closed. I must have a idiot sign on my forehead.Its always the same and its just fking frustrating. No more being fkin poetic. This is me being 'poetic'. Fk it!

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