Friday, April 23, 2010

Hola my fellow earthlings! :D

Im back from my ONE day hiatus of blogging. Its been awhile since i last did it eh? Lol..Even if i didnt post, there were still unposted ones which needed editing. But ytd i checked and i found was "Im so annoyed, so irritated, Bah!" - and i dont even remember why i wrote that :S

Must be because of someone who spoiled my nice tagging mood. U know who u are ;) And where is the pet u promised me har? Tsk tsk.. :p

Let me try to re-cap what happened on Wednesday..hmm.. Oh ya, colleague took mc and like i said, it wouldnt be entertainment if i had to do his work..guess what? I had to =.=" I dont know how to use Autocad leh! Tmd tmd tmd! Still had to do what, bo pian. So clicked ard randomly, if things go missing, i dono dy ar >_>" Managed to get the drawings they wanted out though, thankfully. So yeah, the day was spent figuring out how to get it out =\ Did abit of my webbie updates, logo design and etc etc.

Thursday - woke up with bad body pains and headache so took mc haha..went back to sleep till almost 1pm x.x Logged into audi only to find out they were gonna have x2 exp for one whole week! Wth, pia le lor..haha :x But didnt manage to do much, had to see doc, then went to bank to settle my car installment (yay!) then some other shyt stuff which mum kept bugging me to do.

Really started tagging frm 5plus onwards till almost 4am LOL! Had babe's company for awhile in the evening, so could use 4accs which was faster. After he left, i switched back to 2 ppl and well it kinda slowed down, together with my brain n fingers. Kept missing ._. In the end, decided to only move babe's acc since he was almost levelling. Then JX helped me! Lol...she brought in 2accs to help me level too SO THAT I CAN GO SLEEP LOL! :D ;mua~

So there, my entire day's event which caused me to abandon everything else, blog, fb, cw bla bla bla....i foresee it being like tis till the 30th though LOL! :x

Back to work ..but headache coming back ><... i wanna go home T_T

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