Thursday, April 8, 2010

Seriously seriously craving for Secret Recipe's brownies ><. Cant even remember the last time i had it, though i do remember it was intro-ed to me by babe..

*drools* :x

Forgot to mention that i just paid my 2month hp bill ytd. RM250!! Wtf man. I dont even call people leh. All sms nia.. and thats not even alot k? Dam it. Need to change my phone package le, abo can die man. Yes, it wouldnt hurt as much if i paid it monthly but the centre at Qbay is stupid la. The dam machines are always down with something. Had to actually go 2 times b4 i could pay =.= But yea, really to change my plan..and and and, i saw digi's iphone plan D: So tempted! O_O;;

*starts pulling hair out again..* x.x~

I wonder why audi doesnt wanna install on my office pc..hmmm..dont think vista shd be a problem, my lappy could play wad. Then i can tag at work..LOL! WTFBBQFML @_@;

Someone come smack me nao x.x

Updated!! : No, didnt get the brownies..guilt took over and besides having it alone not so fun...but got sushi for lunch <333~! Ima happy girl now :)

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