Friday, April 30, 2010



But but but but....i have no work tomoro! Wooottssss :3~!!

Lol..ok la dont mind the super duper crazed excitement of mine...just very very happy about it :DD.. and yes ive been slacking in my posting *like i said earlier this week* but i figured i wont have much to post abt since all ill prolly be doing is well tagging till the 30th? :p

AND im happy to say, though i didnt get to 61 (which im fine with) im now......

Jeng jeng jeng~!! A SuperStar after 1yr! Yay~ :D Hahaha :p and got babe to lvl 61!!
Gratzz to my Audition Master! ♥

Albeit alot of other ppl did level faster than me, but im still satisfied considering the amount of players i had to tag with. Which was most of the times ...2? lol..bleh~

So yea, Thursday managed to tag abit at work and then i was uber busy in the afternoon dy. Which i am grateful for btw, coz it made my day move jusssstttt a little faster ;) Went home and chionged again coz i know Friday i will surely not have the time to do it. Thank god jx came to my rescue :D

I actually planned to use 4accs, prob is i will only be able to move one acc, so decided would take turns haha.. then jx bth see me one week le still 55, came and helped me with 2 sweet of her :D Andddd in the end, she really bth le, brought in 2 more.. LOL!!♥ So we really sped through.. so yups, in 3hrs or so, we did about..lets see...300k of exp? lolol... 6 accs rox ok! Multiwindow ftw!! And my sotong Jx rox ttm! ♥

But as usual died in lic, too dam tired haha :X THOUGH i found it dam easy =.= D8 Euro 2008, piece of pie ok? Sheet =.=

Anyways, i really gotta start playing normal games again for the time being..i get really confused playing now and have to focus really hard tmd >_>! Too muchie taggin does that to you lol...

So at nite, liberated frm the chains of audi's x2, me and jx came out of our exp cave and played with the world. Result - disastrous =.= :S

But i was actually thinking of tagging hearts...hmmm..LOL! I love my violet ring..think i shall slowly tag for the next one ;)

Work on Friday, not so good.. Was kinda pissed off in the morning with bosses who as usual likes to make life difficult for everyone. Whats new right? Still got through it..alive...and in one piece and ran outta there as soon as it was time.

Something is really bugging me today though...and im lazy to talk abt it now..shall leave tht for some other post :)

Lata guys~! Ciaoz!!

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