Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I finally got.....

My super stoves in CW!!! Lol...ok la overly dramatic...but still my little moments of happiness, remember? :3

Currently falling asleep on work table, manager just came in office to switch on modem x.x Dont why she switches it off every single evening before going off when she cant even come in early for work =.=

But but! Im in a cheery mood today! :D Finally managed to get my pc to do something ive always wanted to try and now im motivated again..rofl! :x ah ya, i need to constantly seek out my little moments of happiness ma.. though i dont know if it will kill my pc or not , shd be ok ba D:

Finally finished my clock project O_O; and i must say, ive become quite the pro dy ..coz it really looks nice LOL! :x Never took pic of it though and boss took it home dy.. bleh :S Though i got bit of a headache frm smelling the dam paint pen =.=*

Went home, and into audi and str8 into a "convention" o.o lol.. at this point there's really nothing much i can actually say, coz im still an outsider and ive done what im able to :) Hope u guys can work it out urselves ya ~

Attended another lp (i seem to hv alot of those, except for mine ;sob), lamed with oni, peachy and jx while waiting lolzz :D And found out the reason why jx still doesnt believe how old i am. Ive been meaning to ask her for awhile le, just nvr got to it. Apparently i sound 21 - 22 to her O_O;; Hmmm..does this mean i sound immature!? ;wild And she still doesnt believe me ._." I really sound immature arh??? T_T

But then, thanks jx for helping with my pet project for my pc wor ;mua!! and my windows mode works dy! Yay! :D Now for my evil plans *grins* muahahahaha :x

Watched CSI till almost 3plus again ;diao really wtf me please, no wonder i feel like my soul is not really here this morning =.= what should i do now? Oh! I shd finish making my 2nd acc for babe's ffs page :) and and and bla work! Lol :D

Ooh, before i go, anyone need a HUG??

LOL! Mine is free la :P! Anyway 1 dollar still cheap ma right? Bleh~
Missin my zhu tou oit! Doink u ! ;wild

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