Thursday, April 15, 2010

Actually had a long post for this, but decided to move it to another blog of mine lest anyone should think im essay-ing again. Lol..

But Im tired of pretending to be happy when im not. I pretend in my everyday life, i will not do it here. And if any of u feel disturbed or its not fun to read sad posts, then by all means dont. I dont need judgement here too.

Im sorry, but u need to take the bad too and not just the good stuff :). Seriously, life is not a bed of roses, its just how we make it more bearable to live in.

Im not perfect, i admit that. Ive been wrong too, who hasnt? Difference is, i listen to what they think is wrong, decide if its true and try to work it out if it is. I dont shut out the bad stuff just coz its not what i wanna hear.

Even as i write this, i look at ur sms, unreplied. But then, i figure ull just send it to someone else the same thing who will seem 'genuinely' interested in what u have to say and reply you, right?

Yea, i wont start, not when its almost at the end :)

"when there are no more feelings of disappointment, then u no longer matter"

P.s. Work today is at an all time low, FML .

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