Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Holaaa Wednesday~~~ :woooh:

Currently feeling extremely hyper @__@; i think it could be because of the lack of sleep these few days...hmm, but then again, im always lacking sleep :S And oh ya, still watching CSI, now even got sis hooked lol..and we're now at season 5 dy.. so..this would make this the x26215381239 time i watched :x

So, how was Tuesday? Not much doinker than any other usual days. And oh, was given the task to design flyers to distribute. Hmmm, website then flyers and also they wanna do some slide show thingy.. why does it feel like im not doing projects anymore whn im doing more designing work? Im not creative leh! T_T Bery stressful for me D:

Still managed to get it out ba, just thinking of some lame ass slogan to put up. Asked for ideas but all buat dono wtf. Suak. Ill be the lame ass-er ._. Other than that, kinda uneventful ba, work is work as usual.

Audi had a new patch ytd, nothing much new, except for songs, mall stuff (i wan pet! Babe get for me! T_T - highlighted so u can see lol!) and some new mode thingy...wait lemme go read..some new beat rush compy thingy.. hmm.. but then i suck in br so doesnt really mean much to me lol :x

Tagged awhile till babe logged in and played the new songs with him. My fps is not very cool dy, maybe coz he changed my gfx card. Need to chk abt the previous one which he claims to be spoilt, must claim back eh, i just changed few months ago nia ><. This post was suppose to come out ytd de, but i sat there for like 1/2 hr and nothing came out :argh: blah, blame my brain for stop working so early..D:

Or i think i was in shock.. lol..

Have u ever wondered something for so long and when u finally saw it for yourself it was like..not what u expected? Well, I had that ytd. Its been on my thoughts for awhile now. What was so special about it that i was constantly being let down for it? And when i finally saw it for myself, i was like "omfg? for real?" seriously, i dont knw whether i shd feel insulted or amused. I knw i felt..speechless? Really really speechless. I mean, wtf is this it?? This was the reason?? Hmmmm...

:takot: Erm, lol..ok lo.. *shrugs n shakes head*

Hence, im blase about it, its really not worth me being sad over coz i knw im worth more than that. Still in shock though rofl :S

Dont think i will get over the shock for awhile, coz this revelation has brought upon me another revelation, which is also really wtf, though i always suspected but nvr could imagine it to be real. Im seriously sickly amused by all these discoveries.

Ok la, lets not venture into this for now, i kinda feel sick in the stomach :S

Lets see, what else...oh ya! Finally reached my 1M exp points in CafeWorld~! Yay me! Doh, nothing to be proud of, just proves how much time i spend in that game..hmm but not really la, im a work smart kinda person :p Still closed my cafe though, coz i dont like running out of food (yaya, another one of my sweet OCD's) So now i have like cpl of hundred of thousand of dishes. Hahaha :X

Anyway opened this morning le, after changing the look as a celebration of the 1m points. LOL! Its now pink O_O;

Ima cool chica, i know :p

Cant believe this took me the whole morning to write out. *knocks head* Wakey up mag mag :3 And back to work it is... DAM IT! I still need to think of a slogan! &^^#%^!#$!*

Help? :puppyeyes:

P.s. Colleague is going berserko on me =.=*

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