Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy TGIF peeps ~ :)

Its finally that time again where we rejoice that the weekends are finally here. But then, time is surely moving too fast for me to handle. Can you believe its almost May dy? Time to look back at what we have gone through (in June la :D)..

Work these 2 days have been killing me. Alot of last min stuff dump on me from bosses. Flyers were done but suddenly needed to design logo with new name that the bosses suddenly decided to use O_O; When will they get that im not from a designing background? =.=

Taking time out while having a very late and pathetic lunch, Tiger biscuits with coffee ><. Really no appetite recently, with the heat and the mundane choices here. Sigh.

And really tired. Mentally, physically.. but arent i always? Lol D:

Oh wells, back to work i guess, need to really settle some price quotes in b4 the end of the day x.x and thats like 2hrs away *screams*

Ah, what u think of this really really amateur work? lol... *hides a dagger behind my back* You'd better say nice D:

P.s. i saw u online this morning and was tempted to say hi but didnt want to be a bother again and i saw what u put in our memo.. i would have been extremely happy if i saw it..last time...

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