Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hola hola hola hulla hoop~! o.o; Lol :D

Just spent abt half n hour clearing my FB requests, Farmville gifts (abt 80 over of them which i deleted and when i came back, it was there again O_O; Wtf?) Then all of a sudden i have over 80 FFS free coins? Wtf again? I didnt even see them? FB is so fuggin with me =.= CW gifts...some of which i still dont know what to do with..and i still have 40 over friend requests! T^T!! Which i cant even delete all of coz i heard we might get reported wtf wtf wtf! =.=

Well, work was work ,if u consider making clock frames work lol, i have something else now to add to my resume huh? =/ And now i need to color the dam number gold coz its black? Hmmm..this whole thing is getting to be more n more absurd by the day. Colleague even took off half day lol..damn him! I wanted to take de! ;wild

Anyway had to go out to get the colored paper, dam hot outside can? ;arg Came back office, feeling not shuang liao x.x Worked abit on the webby and cabuted home as soon as i could! :x

Audied a little while later and was feeling extremely tired all of a sudden D: Dono what i was pressing also :S Ivan wanted to try out exp compy lol, it was his 1st time and he getting all nervous haha :x Anyway, i did ok ba..considering i was half asleep while playin..

1st rd - Exp Choreo, shd i be thankful my room of players were 8k handicapped? :x

2nd rd - Normal Indi, i shd have done better in this mode, but dam song was unperfect-able =.= then again, my room was not so cool x.x

Played a little more after compy, but was getting irritated with audi liao, maybe coz i was feeling abit warm and sleepy :S Played abit with babe when he came in, went to an lp and logged off. Thought of getting a new set today de, but apparently my choices are common and not special enough so now im not sure of my taste anymore =\

Oh wells, time to watch abit of my CSI and go oink le :)


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