Sunday, April 11, 2010

Finally after almost 10hrs, my audi is running =.= albeit its not very smooth, but i blame it on the bladi net connection who has been dying the entire day. Well give n take ba, minus the getting irritated and sleep for about 1hr and went out to cc and spammed the kb for another lolz..and also well to run away from home for abit. From the dam UAC thing not on, to the patches which i normally use not working and the auto patch screwing with me, i ended up juz dl'ing all the 12 patches which i had gone through xN times throughout the day. Yay me ~

Seriously though, i dont know why i bother trying so hard to get it running. Its not like i really feel like playin anymore =\ And repairs came up to abt 500bucks mb, new graphic card (which i just changed, need to get it checked and get back my replacement) and processor. Well, now i guess my pc is brand new. And i just realised bro just got his, and his monitor is so dam big ok? Bah.

And yea, still cold war at home. More like she refuses to talk to anyone but bro. So we sort of like divided into 2 clans, me n sis, her n bro. Lol.. i just find this whole thing absurd. But wat the hell, i shall prove to her that i dont her to help me do stuff like she claims we will die if she didnt. I mean i appreciate it and all, but dont use that against me. Sigh. I really dont know la.

Horrid weekend btw, from pc repair costs, and my car insurance due soon, thank god im like 1 or 2 more installments to go :) Extra cash haha.. :D Was suppose to get pc back on sat nite, but forgot to draw money out of atm and i just found out all atm machines close at 12..duh me x.x

Now for some very intense financial juggling.... deng deng deng~

Jp class was the only relaxation time i really had lol.. Convos in classes where sensei took our stuff and wont return to us unless we got it right. It was cool really :) Demo, watashi no kimochi ga ii desu :)

Mood swings have been erratic this weekend, for some reason, i guess with probs at home and stress of still not being able to get find a suitable job is getting to me. But then its only excuses eh? Maybe i am like a ticking time bomb like u say. It saddens me really. I know im acting out, bt i cant really control it. Something like how u cant control ur temper. Who shd i blame for all this craziness? My abusive and cheating father? Or the fact that i grew up knowing i really couldnt count on anyone or trust anyone at all?

Its my stigmata, and im trying to break free of it before it consumes me. Maybe i shd stay away frm ppl until i do? Lol..i dont know anymore. But ill try, that much i know :)

I guess everyone has their problems, and im saddens by urs too. It might not be the same, but i know how it feels to have ur family divided..

Lol, like i said, it has been a sucky weekend, and alot of heartaches and hurt which im hoping the new week will get me through it. Maybe i shd look at each day as if it were my last..

Dont mind the emo post, its just me releasing lolz, after almost 2 days of not having access to my pc and falling asleep ytd waiting for sis to get off hers =.=

Have a great week ahead peeps~! Lotsa lotsa love :D


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