Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Aloha fellow earthlingsss on a wet wet Wednesday~!!! :) Dont anyhow think ok? Its raining like sot outside and its my lunch hour! Where am i suppose to go buy lunch now! ;wild!!

=.= I just finished my ramen. Instant. 'nuf said.
Note to self: Must bring an umbrella to keep in the office. :tsk:

Its been a lazy Wednesday so far, so been bery rajin reading my Jp books :p Im a good girl hor? Lol! :x And with the heavy rain, it doesnt help that i feel like putting my head on my desk and just sleep D: It would have a bery bery bery cool day to sleep in ><.

Was browsin randomly and chanced upon this perfume that ive always wanted to get!

DKNY Apples! For an apple lover like me, these are just simply heavenly! :3 *scribbles down on wishlist* :p

Oh ya, had the weirdest dreams last nite. Seriously weird. I mean i have alot of weird dreams, all the time ok. But this one was just the epitome of weird. And the best part? I cant remember how it went. Lol... shaddap! :S

Been thinking alot (wats new right? eh but sometimes i dont really think at all wor..), the mixture of an extremely sensitive person and a sensitive-challenged person in a friendship/relationship/any kind of ship is a good thing or a bad thing? I think too much before i do something which might affect ppl and well u do just what u wanna do and when we clash, it ends up ugly. We say our apologies, but do we really mean it? Can we really forgive n forget and not bring it up the next time it happens?

It could be a yes or a no or rather it depends? Lol.. sorry for my out of the ramblings, but its just a thought thats been lingering on my mind these cpl of days and had to get it out :)

Like now, i feel sad that we're not really talking and have sorta closed to talking to alot of ppl. But u on the other hand dont seem to mind that we arent on talking terms and is content to be talking to other ppl instead. Contridictions in concept much? Hmmm..

How do we get over this one? Or have u given up on it and moved on without me? Shd i do the same? tired, really exhausted inside out. Oh wells, back to work, ciaoz guys and have a great remaining of the day ne ;)

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