Monday, April 19, 2010

Finally after 4months of dreaming about dream ring~!! :)
The all sparkly and glittery purpur heart violet ring~ :inlove:

Sadly, it was a lousy song, or maybe im lousy T_T. Stupid 135bpm de "Cowboy Jive". Couldnt perf sync with babe at all ><. Maybe coz i was still pissed at him for ignoring when i said i didnt wan to lp with him =.= and keep asking me to do again. Totally couldnt get sync perfs though at times it seemed perfect-able :( Guess it was also coz of the ppl that he was lagging slightly, or maybe i couldnt play with so many ppl watching like after the 2nd ticket, totally no confidence dy and exhausted x.x Shdnt have tagged earlier, couldnt press more than 7 arrows at a time lol! :x *finding things to blame*

In the end, we did it with no one watching...hmm sounds wrong :x
Did the LP without observers la! Lol..

Kinda sad but we still got the ring ba, after like 8times of that idiotic song x.x And now my head sparkles :D Lolol :x This kinda reminds me of another time we had to do it without observers. Hmmm..

Violet rings @ 19th April 2010

Mixed feelings for the rings though. Extremely happy but also sad at the same time lolz. Didnt like wasting so many tix when we could have passed easily. Maybe i was feeling stressed out but he wasnt listening and kept asking me to go on :( Angry with u la!

And and and i didnt get my Manhattan T___T ~

Extremely tiring Sunday..woke up early coz someone decided to wish me good morning >_> Lol...but then i had Jp class, so i guess its a wake up call ba hehe :D Was sleepy in class like omgoshwthellobbq x.x Taggie too muchie :S Came home, had lunch and slept the afternoon away (later i find out u also sleeping that time! my manhattan! *pouts*)

Continued tagging awhile in the evening, bt dono wat i pressing coz was missing like siao. Tersleep again with my audi left idle just like that O_O; I was just gonna lie down :S Woke up an hr later and tried again, still cant move >_>" then diana and ahp finally asked me to join them. Still dono wat i was pressing lol ._. Eh, now i know why i did so badly in lp dy. LOL! Another thing to blame....D:

And its Monday! FUG! FUG! FUG! *dies*

Summary of the day? Bittersweet and i almost cried after Lp :S All ur fault, so im still angry with u =.=*

And its still Monday...i tot i went in time machine dy? Fuggot.

P.s. U say i always dont trust you. How can i when u nvr give me any reason to?

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