Monday, April 26, 2010

So how did i start my Monday? Lets see...

I woke up at 9 and work actually starts AT 9! Hmmm..mum woke me up by saying, "its already 9" and i startled myself up and asked her "What day is today??" She went, "Erm, Monday?" FkFkFkFkFk!!

Got out of bed, washed whatever i could, and rushed out of house.. reached office ard 9.30 >_>" Hair in a mess, i looked like i just crawled out of my grave and was having a horrid hangover like feeling despite sleeping alot ytd afternoon. So far so good? Fug! =.=

And to think i actually slept EARLIER than i normally do ._. (Please ignore last nite's post at 2.20am...coz i just saved the post and continued writing only this morning..and its STILL early!) This only proves one thing. I shd nvr attempt on sleeping EARLIER. I have far better chances of waking up if i slept at 4 coz basically i dont think i actually slept :X
Blahs all over. Bla bla bla bla bla bla......:argh:

And to add insult to injury, the minute i step into hse after work, mum casually asks me, "what day is today ar?" Wat the fish >_>" Tiao di one ok? Boos.

Anyway, work was uber busy in the afternoon, though i dont really remember why it was so. Hmm...alot of those little errands to do. But at least the afternoon flew by :) And i managed to tag abit in the morning :p, so yeah, so far its was a good Monday~:inis:


Its a mystery how a series of mis-communication and misunderstanding can lead to a horrible ending to a relationship. Hw by not trusting and doubting will lead to alot of heartache.

How a simple qn can lead to suspicion of ulterior reasons, when it was just out of concern, pure n simple. I dont know hw to explain myself or my actions, but i know i hv done nothing wrong. And thus have nothing to apologize for.

- Deleted a whole section of an 'essay' -

I only have this to say, how is it fair, that when ur tired and lazy to talk, i hv to be content with that, but im the one who's tired and nt talking, im being labelled as showing emo attitude and asked to fked off?

Regardless of hw many times, u tell me ur busy, i will still und and leave u to do ur things, Maybe its true, like me, u have a negative set of opinion with what i say n do. Im trying hard to let it go but u ever so often remind me why i can nvr do so. Tell me, why are we still continuing this?

No matter what i do, nothing is ever right with u, no matter how happy i try to stay, u seem content to bring me down. Yes, there is nothing left to be said.

The only thing that made me happy trying to do for you, no longer brings me joy but im still gonna do it coz its a promise i made to myself.

Continue doing what only u wanna do and forget about everyone else. Maybe i shd learn to be selfish too.

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