Friday, April 2, 2010

Im determined to be happy and stay happy. And if there is anyone who thinks they're gonna hurt me, then please get the fuck out of my life now? :)

Lol..sorry for the crude language but trying to make my point clear :D Yes, after 3yrs of blogging and going through almost 450posts, i intend to find that girl who started this blog 3yrs ago. The one, who though at times seemed kinda lame and at times sounded like a dum dum, but was also the girl who was able to make ppl laugh or smile (even the me now :p) when i read about her stuff and rants and ramblings etc etc etc ~ :D

Somehow, she let life get too much to her and lately its becoming more n more bitter? Lol :D..But! Im not saying there will not be anymore rambling of moir anymore, there will always be mag's ramblings n rants n complains n hate hate hate :p Hey, thats what makes me cute right? ;) I complain and yet i still do it *pouts*

Finally published my company webby and showed to boss, still needed to do some amendments ba, but im shy to show it to u guys :S LOL! And somemore boss dare comment, outside designers do need to pay ard 10k plus! Wtfuggot right? I did the whole damn thing for her free de lo. Yes, its not that professional, but its worth something also le! Tmd tmd tmd ;wild And manager still nvr come in today o.o weird, worse part is, i had to do her work =.= Even got a memo frm boss abt payments...wtfbbqnusttm! I plan to ignore coz it has NOTHING to do with me. Bla bla bla n more blas!

Came home and fell asleep for like 2hrs and woke up with a headache. GG! Id do better without sleep i think =.= Watched mum n sis wrestle with dog to feed its quaterly meds. Lol..cracks me everytime. Well the last time i had to do it, so wasnt really that funny anymore >_>" The damn dog goes into his killer dog mode when we have to do it ><.

Went into audi ard 10ish and loitered ard wondering if i shd play in my bery blur state of mind. Afk'ed instead :O till babe came in and we tagged fr abit :D So here i am now, almost 1.30 and im wondering what movie to watch. Wth mag! Go sleep already! :x Ok la, time to scour my humble abode and see if i anything to watch on tv or anyone to disturb or not.. Yes, my family is still awake, go figure eh?

Anyone need a hug? :) Lai lai i hug hug :p

P/s: And to those who love me, guess what? I love you even more :D


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