Saturday, April 24, 2010

One word - Exhausted.

Just woke up from a 2hr plus nap, cant say im feeling any better but at least i dont feel as tired as i did earlier. Wanted to continue with my tagging but expert channel is bladi full to the brim. Seriously cant even spam in. They shd put at least 2exp channels la wtf. So, no choice bt to do other stuff. Wanted to do a new profile pic with my audi ava, but couldnt get any nice shots. Bah.

But really, really tired b4. All in all, i calculated, for 2 ppl, i played for about 400k of exp in 12hrs, give or take a cpl of thou. But still lol..though it was simultenous, my fingers are kinda numb. Guess my fever didnt help much too :S

Couldnt even license and babe had to help me with it ><. Worst part is, couldnt even blame pc for being laggy, coz i could x10 and get almost half the score needed to pass in the 1st 20secs, and then miss the rest of the way. FML. Did it 2ce and felt irritated. Bathed, had something to eat, came back. Still tired D: Thanks babe for helping out although ur sick now :(

Good news is, i managed to install audi on my own pc at work LOL! So i guess, im gonna be tagging at work next week...when i can la! :X Though my aim is lvl 61, im not gona stress myself out getting there =.=

Ahhh tsukareta yo...

Note to self: Shd start studying fr JP lesson and not tag too much. .....ya right :x

Time to go spam in again ._. Dont these ppl need to sleep? Wtf :x

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