Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday! Blues! Lol.. thankfully for me it is gonna be a half blues day only :inlove:

Going to be heading to town and settle some banking stuff, plus change my bladi phone plan %$#@!!%$#& so bo tat everytime i think about it D:


Did my stuff, bladi dam hot and bad bad traffic jam in town my goodness :S Its 3plus! Why arent these ppl at work? Really wtfbbq! -.- I mean bad enuf that the horrid jam was killing my legs, the sun today extremely hot la, wat happen to the rain >_>"

Anyway, didnt manage to change phone plan coz of that, and also the fact that the centre was like full of ppl. I stood there for almost 20mins the number nvr moved also =.= and i had to wait ard 20plus numbers k? Rawr!

Almost 4plus when i came back, had lunch lol and fell asleep watching CSI lol :X Woke up almost 7 le so did my most fav activity if im alone in audi lolz... :S I dont even see the screen most of the times, jz watch tv and make 10 moves haha :x But lucky i had jx at times to lame with me, she another addict ;wild

I guess its a way for me to forget abt unhappy stuff and be happy again just by doing that :) Maybe ull find it a little weird but hey, we all got our little quirks right?

Like i said, these past weekend has been a roller coaster ride of emotions, it seems like one too many 'coincidences' for me to accept. One after another they keep coming, so how i am to believe it was all not planned?

Im sad of what happened , and but im sadder still tat i wasnt the 1st u sought out to tell how u felt. I guess the only qn in my head was ; of all people, why her? The one person always brought back the worst memories. Is this going to be repeated history?

Maybe im nt a good listener to you, but if its goin to be repeated i do not want to be ard to see it again. I dont think i can take it one more time. Ill know when you've made your choice. Difference is, this time i wont be there asking you why ur doing it :)

Bath time and back to my tig tog tag :DD~


P.s. By u repeating how unhappy i make u, ive somehow lost the ability to make ppl happy. Ive lost confidence in making ppl laugh at what i say. If i really do make u so unhappy, why u do still want me ard?

P.p.s I wan new blog skin! :D

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