Friday, April 9, 2010

Holaaa world~

Its officially Friday, so happy TGIF peeps :) Just came out of audi not too long ago, actually was forced out coz pc hung and doing its crazy stunts again. After it was all well last week, i knew it was too good to be true. Came hm and spent almost half n hr, alot of cursing, slamming of pc and finally taking out the cover and fiddling with it =.= Still same problems though =\ Super big sigh la!

Ive actually resigned to fate that no i dont. Stupid pc! I already changed all the fkin parts that needs to be changed dy, why are u still screwing with me! Problem pc =.=

Anyway, was really busy in the afternoon today, was in and out of office and hopefully it will be too. At least the day passes much much faster. Morning was like killer man...i totally spaced out >_>".

Still thinkin whn i shd take my leave though, was thinking of ytd but it seems i have a few things to finish up. Hmm.. I guess ill see if i can finish it off by morning or not ba :)

Mom has been in her moods these cpl of days and it stresses me out hence the need to hideaway in audi. Lol :S Sigh, i dont know why she's pissed also, and i dont risking my life to ask her. Oh wells, she'll be back to her oldself in another day or so.

Im not sure hw i feel today..kinda in a limbo sort of thingy..sigh.

Oh! IM NOT HAPPY! COZ COZ! Bro got an iphone! OMFGWTFBBQFML!! ;eeks! Walao eh, am a very not happy chica dy =.=! VERY! I wan one too! D:

Boo boo boooo! Bleh~ D:

I wan go sleep liao! Not cool ;wild! :(

Nites! D:

P.s: Thanks for being there for me tonite too :) At least i had someone to talk to, to keep my thoughts away.

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