Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lalalala~ taking a break and fingers are kinda tired x.x And though im only slacking tagging as oppose to some ppl who are really hardcore taggers, i seem unable to get any words out here..hmmm..maybe the brain dead tagging means just that my brain basically shut downs. Lol :S

And yes, i did manage to get in after trying for awhile on Friday. Madness people! Madnesss!! But then i ended up sleeping at 4am also ><. Lolol..hey i started late ok? *grumbles grumbles* Morning was at work as usual. How i can describe it? Hmmm, no good words come to mind, hence i shall not say anything. AND now ive suddenly become the company coffee machine =.= Making coffee for the clients that came in the morning for a little meeting. Bah. If they had asked me to do it nicely i wouldnt even think 2ce about it. But NOOOO, they had to make it sound like i was SUPPOSED to do it. Bah bah and more bahs ._.

BUT on a brighter note, managed to do this on my pc....

LOL! Yesh, that is audi u see on my OFFICE pc :x Oh shuush, dont judge me.. =.=

Ah ya, i will only go in if im really free and word has it, some reno projects are starting up soon, so yeah, ill prolly be busy :) Just wanted to know why i couldnt do it the last time, so decided to try it again. Ima..*coughs* pro...*coughs* audi installer *coughs gacks chokes*. HELL YEAH!

Couldnt get it running smoothly though, apparently streamyx came out with the news of slow net connection due to something somewhere out there in Europe. Lols..its funny hw they always have a lame excuse for horrid connections. Dumb asses >_>"

Anyway, tagged abit when i got hm, played normal games with babe awhile, seriously though, too much tagging has reduced my capability to play more than 5 moves in a game :X

AND we're back in LaLaLand! :) Kinda missed seeing that kuku fame name on top of my head lolz :X So yea, decided to go back ^^

LaLaLand-ers once again :)

And i got a cute new rank name :p Lol...thanks babe~ ur so creative lo *coughs*

Tagged abit more after babe left and had to study for Jp class on Sunday. Alot of memorising to do for role play sessions and also homework....:hilo:

- すみませんわいんうりばはどこですか
- いくらですか

etc, etc, etc........ @_@ finally slept at 4 again. Wat the fiak =.="

Repetitive suicidal sessions is not bery cool, me tells u ._. i wonder why i enjoy doing it so much.. hmmm ..

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