Sunday, April 18, 2010

Work sucked! Not that i did much, Saturdays are just not my day to work =\ Unless i get paid ot to do it, then its a diff matter :D But then today's phone calls were more than usual, and it was mostly from bosses =.= tmd's..


..finally after about 10hrs of hearts tagging, im done! :) Well, not completely 10hrs ba, some split in the middle for a short nap and coz it was rainin too heavy to resist not to lol..but still extremely tiring x.x and to think i forgot to eat at all today..just made something to drink and its off to bed ba :)

I realised, taggin for 2ppl is bery tiring...or maybe it was coz of the lack of food x.x the last few rds, my fingers were like gonna die on me..and kept pressing wrong T_T~ I tot i was gonna stop when it was 100hearts left, bt i forgot to chk and just kept playing till when i saw left abt 50plus only so carried on ba :)

Yet after all that, i dont think im gonna go through the love

There's just too many things i cant and will not be able to accept. And u will not change it. Regardless of how wrong i perceive it to be, or how absurd i find it, you will still think yr right in ur choices. And since u wont let it go, then i will have to do it.

"Comprehending the incomprehensible" - and the storm in me continues.. :(

Nites and have a wonderful Sunday guys~

P.s. Im really hungry man ><.. lol..

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