Thursday, April 15, 2010


Ima back, and ima sleepy x.x and this post might not be out till tomoro morning hence i shd suddenly

Just came out of audi after some hearts tagging, about 800hearts left though hmm..oh well, slowly ba :) And my fps is really buggin me dy, used to be at least 70, now it fluctuates between 30 to 40 =.= Bery not cool... Gotta bug my pc dude to get my previous gfx card looked at and if really cant use, i wanna claim back liao D: Makes taggin so uncool for me, esp if im alone ><.

Work was uber sucky, coz boss proved their kiam siap ness again today..remember that flyers she asked me to design? Apparently they wan to use company printer and print out nia ;woot So unprofessional. Cant even spend abit more to get ppl to design and print out also. Wtf man. In the end still ask me shrink it abit so dont waste ink. Problem is, its still A5 size paper! Then ma see dao two white blank spaces on top n bottom la. Fuggot ._." I nvr did it, left office sharp today, coz of Jp class...heng too, coz other boss just came in O_O; it was already 5.45 ok =.=

Class was more on convo again today, and starting from this week, one by one we're gonna be called out front and reply qns in jp frm other students in class....orz ><...

Oh well, lataz~!

P.s. A little bit of understanding and a little bit of listening wouldnt kill, will it? :)

P.s.s Im feeling down, need to buy stuff to make me happy again. If only i had pockets that went down to the centre of the earth =.= I shd have gotten this the last time i saw it *knocks head* Regret arr D:

I shd get this too....all coz their so UBER CUTE can?? *pouts*

I wan i wan i wan i wan D:

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