Thursday, July 29, 2010


Im finally freeee...!! After almost 2yrs, ive finally moved on :)

Not to say it was all bad, there were some good in it too..i guess. Lol.. Its like eating bitter sweet chocos (the sweet part would be when im all alone in the office with nothing to do..LOL!) Man, im gonna miss those things for sure. And the fact that they've changed to 5day work =.=

Well, i think i made the right move :) Besides, i couldnt see any raise in anything soon with the old place but with this new one, i felt i could. Hoping for the best as usual ;) *fingers crossed*

Farewell my table...~

Yea yea, i know im being overly dramatic but im not completely lacking in emotions, that would certainly be an understatement. Even felt a sense of lost when i uninstalled audi from my pc :x plus clearing all my browsing history along with all the other stuff which does not concern work that i do when i have nothing to do or rather when i dont want to do anything.

Get me? Blahs.

Hopefully ive cleared my work and handed over to my manager, coz i dont think i wanna hear frm them for awhile :x Even my boss was like "Must pick up the phone if we cant find something ar" ...Shit! Let them see through me dy =.= We'll see... *whistles*

On another note, had my Jp test ytd and conclusion would be....


Die die die die =\ crazy sensei...with almost 11 pages of qns in less than 1hr =.= Front page was easy and i finished it fast so i could do the back part which was writing...manatau T^T!!! I wonder if the other students really so fast finish or they also play "ting tong tiang" one =.=

Knn. Epic phail.. now i bery bu shuang d.

Even though its not really the JP proficiency test which we will be having at the end of the year and its more like the teacher gauging us coz after this we'll be moving into lvl 2..still..

BO SONG!! ._.

But then again, bo song also bo pian d =\ Anyways, will be meeting up with vara and the old gang frm my Nissan days this coming Friday. Its been ages since i last saw them and its gonna nothing less than a crazy meet up :) AND yes, i wont ppk d...coz they say i always do =.= and this meet up was specially arranged for me x.x Oh wells, havent been out with friends for a while now so thats that :p Will take some piccys.. i hope ;)

And and and....Iphone here i cometh! :D Planning to get it this week hehe...hopefully la hor :D

Thats all folks!! for now.... Ciaozz!!

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