Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Finally LP'ed after 3 days of waiting and got our Gladiolus rings :) Totemo kireii desu ♥ Lolzz..

Despite the hiccups of me just waking up and doing it, hence the blur and noobish play (which im still not happy about...too many misses on my side) im still happy overall nonetheless.. in some ways :)

Finally Gladiolus ♥

And no, we didnt have audience this time round lolz, just did it, and passed the 2nd time (due to my out of mind, out of body situation at the time...bahs)

I still have a lot of posts i have yet to complete, but all of it are written halfway =.= Just somehow not in the mood to write for the moment. And i think my readers have given up on waiting on my updates..lolzz.

Just wanted to post a short one, only for this :)

P.s. Im stil alive, i think.

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