Friday, July 2, 2010

Weekends again n again..

and again and But still thankful that it is the weekends :p

Work has been...erm...cute these cpl of days. Bosses have been extremely nice to me, which makes me feel very suspicious. They got something up their sleeves for sure =.= AND this afternoon even bought me lunch coz we were at site and was waiting for the plaster ceiling guy to come.

A VERY BIG PRAWN BEHIND A VERY SMALL ROCK (or udang sebalik this case, udang besar -.-)

Seriously la, since when have they ever been so nice. Even the samples and stuff they go and take themselves wor.. and at site, they will go chk and i dont have to stand there and monitor the workers ler.. shoooo niceeee worrrrr ..Ya right ._.

Somemore had the cheek to tell me, so tired running up and down to get the clients stuff, uh duh? i also know lor, i have been getting wad all this while. And whatever happen to her husband saying when i was running up n down like a mad woman, "Like this also tired meh?"...I shd have said the exact same thing to her hor? :p

Idiots. Bahs.

One thing though, regardless of how nice they are now, its only coz they want me to stay and after i say i will, they will turn ard and kill u. Yep, these are the ppl that they are. Oh wells, let karma deal with them :)

Just abit not used to them thanking me for every little thing they ask me to do and if they do ask me to do stuff, it will end with, "when ur free then do" god! Hillarious!

But i gotta prepare for the storm when they realise they cant pull me back anymore...Hmmm..bring it on guys, im ready when u are ;)

For now, i shall continue having fun with the remaining days that i have here and i wonder if i can leave 12 days earlier since its the number of leaves i have left. Hmmm..i wonder if they purata it or not de..Must go do some research ._.

Heart counts as of today = 439 x.x Jyjyjy me!

P.s. No such thing as selective answering hun! It either reply or never replyin anymore. I don care! -.-

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