Tuesday, July 6, 2010


As you can see, i havent been blogging much these few days, partly coz i suddenly ran out of things to blog about. No happy things, not even sad stuff coz i seem to be living in a daze.

Time seems to be moving faster when ur at a standstill....or maybe i think it does..hmm..

I wake up, get dressed, go to work, run in and out of office, to suppliers, meetings with subcons, supervise work progress, handle workers, etc etc etc.... and before i know it its already 6pm. And i still have a ton of paperwork all piled up on my table ._. Go home and stare at the idiot box, occasionally crawling into bed coz im just too tired to do much. Physical pain ftw. And the sometimes emotional pain. Cool!

Every single day, same routine. Im getting bored with life. With my life.

People u care about are supposed to make it all worthwhile, to make all of it forgotten at the end of the day. But lately i feel that its just the exact opposite. I hate letting go of relationships, esp ones which have been there for as long as i can remember. But somehow it seems inevitable. What should i do?

Teach me. Accomodate me. Love me. Just like before.

Dont ignore me. Neglect me. Treat me as invisible just cause u dont come online anymore.

And yes, u do it. As stubborn as u are and refute it. U do it.

Its been 3 days, 72hrs, 4320mins, 259,200secs.
And all i asked was for less than 5mins of all that time,
But here i am, still waiting :)

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