Thursday, July 8, 2010

Durians, durians and more durians!!

And yummy yummy yummy oness!!! Especially the baby durians ♥!! Seriously, the past few days the ones we bought were heavenly delights lol :p But sorry ya, bo peektures coz too nice le, no time to snap also T^T! Really overdose of durians dy. Thank goodness the season is endin soon, as in the nice ones all sold out d ;)

Eat till i think all goin to fall sick soon :x But then again, have u heard of the old wives remedies of preventing heatiness? Wash your mouth and drink from the durian skin that u ate... Im serious! And im nt sure if its psychological or really works coz we're still very well :p *touch wood*

And and and, mum cooked her tao ew bak after so long! OMG! So bladi sinful but eat with rice and sambal walao bth x.x Im craving fr it again...Aiyo :(

Hmmm..what else?

Well, work has been the same. Other than the fact that the bosses are still treating me super nice and refraining me from goin to site ever so often lolz. I dono if they're still at it and trying to get me to stay by showing me how nice they are *rolls eyes* or what. Anyway, dont know, dont care :)

Im still thinking of taking my leave to clear the last week. I wonder if anyone can help me and tell me if after u get ur annual leave after one yr, and if u resign during that time, do we still get the leaves or its purata-ed. Or does it differ from company to company? Sigh. Just wanna be prepared b4 i bring the subject up -.-


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