Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What if?

Got into a fender bender today while on the way home frm work.. My poor car was knocked frm the side. It was partly my fault too for reading smses while driving lol...i know, nothing to laugh about but im still trying to shake some of shock away x.x..

And i got a bruised shoulder as a reminder.

Have been trying to sleep since i reached home but havent been able to close my eyes and fall asleep. Too many things running in my head atm, and suddenly alot of "what if's" going through my mind.

U knw how they say, ur life flashes in front of ur eyes in situations like this? Well mine wasnt really tat bad but still after "debating" with the guy who banged into me and i got back back in my car, i suddenly was reminded of alot of things.

And how one second can actually change ur whole life.

I thought of my family, my friends, the things i havent done and wanting to do. I recalled the last sms i read b4 i heard the loud and horrid bang. "Bye" lol... was it really meant to be eternal goodbye fr me?

Regardless of it being kinda minor, i still am grateful it wasnt something worse. And im thankful im still able to sit here, even if im feeling insomniacal for now lol.

Thats why i nvr liked saying goodbye, for any occasions. Coz it just seems cursed for me.

P.s. Please dont say it to me again, can?

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