Monday, July 26, 2010


Hello hello hello all! Happy Monday! :D

I know i know, i shd be having Monday blues today, in a way i am but the thought that its gonna be my last 3days here has certainly cheered me up abit :D then its rest for a few days before i start new job :DD I was suppose to start today but current bosses refuse to let me clear my leave and say will pay for my 14days of leave...which means another half months' pay O_O; i wonder if they will actually pay me ._.

So, went to new place and told them about my dilemma and they were very understanding and asked me to start on next Monday, which is so cool by me coz i get to rest for a few days hehehe :D Thankfully all is well, coz this thing has been bugging me for a few days now D:

Annnnd... sorry for the lack of posts.. i actually do have posts...halfway written ones though coz ive been taking piccys and well..i ermm...nvr took them out of ze camera..heheheh..ehehe..hmm.. Ok la! will take them out later tonite coz i wan to deco deco abit ma :( Some piccy's of bros' new car which he took back last Thursday lol.. and he's been asking me everyday, "U nvr post my car pics in ur blog ar!" =.=*

So yea, took pics of his car..ytd >_>"

I just a sinful weekend which i sorta enjoyed...guiltily though..abit :x Was on leave on Saturday (coz i got no other days to take leave ._.) and slept most of the day. Also got mum to cook her famous tao ew bak and in the end we bought like 2 pots worth of bak. Omg, so much guilt. LOL:x And had that for 2 days rofl ... One thing though, nvr regretted it hahahaha.. coz bery nice ok? After this must really diet d.. Fk! But eat with sambal was so dam....okok shall not continue on about sinful food d *pouts*

Met up with babe before he went back Kl on Sunday and he actually came over to take abit of mum's famous bak. Lol... i wonder if no bak u would have come or not =.=! But got a new headphone from him...which i took photos of...which is still in the dang camera. Blahs =\ And im kinda irritated with him atm coz he's so busy till beh reply me d ._. Angry. I wonder if its coz he got new friends in his banditnation game thats why bo time for me d :( Sadddd..

Ok la, im being lame and kinda tired coz this whole morning has been hectic. Since b4 i reached office ive been running here n there to site and suppliers and tons n tons of phone calls. Legs bery tired and just managed to have beehoon for lunch :( Good thing is, 2 more hrs before i cabut lol..i dont intend to stay on like i used to d.. i mean for wat? I shd be free-er d, but sadly it seems im more busy than usual ._.

Thank goodness my current good mood has sustained me throughout this whole morning else ill be extremely pissed and luan luan say things again :S

Back to work i suppose, must finish b4 bosses come back hurhur XD and btw they went to some meeting in town. So peace and quiet for meeee :3 Oh please let me get through this day without any pain x.x LOL. Buaizzzz!

P.s. I just realised i wrote alot in this post in just under 10mins. Ima such a cool chick :D

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