Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Weekends :)

And im waiting to go

Actually the office manager made a suggestion to me ytd, well according to her, was boss' idea. She told me that since sat was a free-est day, i could take leave if i wanted to. In normal situations, i might have just taken the sats off and cleared my leave, BUT the fact that they recommended made me feel guai lan :p

Hey, its not worth taking a full day leave on a half day work lor..right? Though it would have been fun to sleep in, but like i said, they suggesting it meant they were trying to take advantage and let me finish up my leave. I take Monday then they know ar.. muahahahahaha!! Dumbasses :D

So until then ima gonna watch my anime at work LOL! Lalalala~ ;) Ahya, its my last week here, let me enjoy lor :D And i cant wait to go home and watch it coz ive found the best anime so far! Its funny and at times so close to home. Daisuki yo! ;)

Lovely Complex ♥

Summary, its about a guy and a girl who are always at each other's throat and ends up as best friends coz they have so much in common :) And the facial expression are damn amusing it makes me laugh out like crazy :DD Another twist would be, the girl is exceptionally tall and the guy is shorter than the average guys in school haha.. so the terms "amazon girl" and "midget" just flies ard constantly. I guess its the only show now that can make me laugh and cry at the same time lol :)

So, back to erm.. 'work'? or etc etc etc ;) Ja mata ne!

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