Saturday, July 3, 2010


I woke up startled this morning, i mean really in shock and also very sad. Had the worst possible dream ever since i can bad that i could actually count it as a nightmare :(

And the worst part is, i still remember every detail till now.. feeling kinda down coz of it and if it would to ever happen to me in rl, i would not be able to pick myself up for a long time. Yeap, its that bad D:

Dont ask me to explain what it was about, coz it hurts too much. The things that were said, the actions and the feeling of being deserted by the ppl u care about. Heavy huh? Tell me about it lol..ive nvr felt so down waking up from a dream since i cant remember when le..Maybe its the the emotional roller coaster ive been going through these few days and the unanswered qns that keep running in my mind...Lolzz :)

I just hope i feel better soon and forget all about that horrid dream i had :(

Anyway, work was a hoot today..had the noisy client over to sign off on some variation orders and decide on paints and stuff..boring actually lol. It sort of spoiled my saturday coz its the only day of the week i get to relax on the job =.= Bosses are tryin to expediate on this work coz scared im leaving then they cant handle it by themselves le. Bahs...

And they finally gave me the "why are u leaving", "why u shdnt leave" lecture le =.= After almost 1 week on handing in my resignation lolz, they finally came up on what to tell me or to persuade me to stay on. Summary? Lousy job of doing it. Maybe coz i already made up my mind and well what they have to say is a load of crap. They just say these things when ppl are leaving and everything goes back to normal, if not worse if i decide to stay on ._.

So, everything they had to say was erm...expected. It even felt like they were putting me down at some point, idiots dono how to talk, coz it made me even more adamant to leave *not that i wasnt before :p*

And thats that, end of this journey in this company for me :) I think a little change in environment is good, no? :D

Also picked up the appointment letter from new place after work today, very pro lor and very systematic. So far so good :) Hoping for the best *fingers crossed* ;)

Things to do today : Finish of our remaining hearts needed to get new ring. Maybe cbp to speed it up :p 400 more.....jyjyjy me ><..

Have a wonderful Saturday all!! :D

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