Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday! Yay! =.=

Ok, its been ALMOST a week since my last post, and im seriously getting disturbed by the fact that i havent been blogging since last wed. But but but... i do have posts saved up in my acc, just that i didnt finish them .... *draws circle in the corner*


And my now feeble attempt to make up for my lack of posts are failing...seriously epic phailure to the max ._. My fingers are doing nothing bt hovering over the kb while waiting for my brain to come up with something funny and interesting to talk about.


Ok la, shall attempt again and blog about stuff i did that people might not be interested to read except me *cries*

So what have i been up over the weekend other than goin to lectures? And yes, if i had posted my friday or was it thursday post, u would know that my teaching diploma course just started. But then i didnt right? So how could have known? Bahs. CARE!

Anyway, yea, been goin to class for the past 2 days and its been well kinda interesting :D Of course saturday was a holiday and to sacrifice that to go for class was torture, bt still, it was either that or mum holding a knife by my bedroom door. LOL! JK! :x

Ytd class was a killer, almost 9hrs lecture x.x But thankfully the lecturer was a cool dude and it just swift by :) And we even had to teach out in front. And need i say that my grp was the best? :p Really! We were the last to go, but it was the best :D Muahahahahahaha *gloats gloats* As the lecturer was goin over each grps presentation, he was tellin all the mistakes or points to be taken into account but reach mine, he jz said, he couldnt find any fault at all, it was perfect. LOL! OMG! *shy*

I know im boasting like no ones business, but hey, its my blog ok! I can boast when i feel like it :p *head growing bigger* :x

Other than that, havent been having much time to do anything else, not even sleep T_T and to think it was hols on sat :( Thank god lectures are only once a month lol.. bt am having exams next month *gulps* and a teaching praticum assesment *double gulps*

Havent been loggin in to audi too lol..mia for now i guess since im still hooked on my animes. But i wish i can remember to log in for compy...i always seem to forget till its 8pm =.= Wtfish.

Well, hopefully its been a good post, and i hope i didnt just type a whole lot of nonsense coz im extremely sleepy @_@; despite the fact i did NOT watch WC finals last nite. And its finally over lol..i just wonder how many ppl on leave today :p

And im having Monday bluess.....lalalalalalalala~! =.=

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