Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The sky is the limit :)

Recently instead of looking at the ground each time i walked coz i was afraid of falling, ive been looking at the sky any time i had the chance. And surprisingly, it feels liberating :)

Took this picture from my car while at the traffic lights near my house :)

These past couple of weeks has been a roller coaster of emotions. Anger, disappointment, feeling of loss, goodbyes, hellos, silence.. of coz there has been happiness, the ups and then the downs. For the 1st time in a long long time, im not sure what i should really do.

Work has been relatively carefree. Sure i have my busy times, but somehow, it seems less frustration on my side. Guess its coz im leaving soon :) And oh ya, the OM had the cheek to ask me to stay on for one more month. No way jose ! Reasons were coz they wanted me to train new staff. Lolz, i dont even know why tat should be a problem since they like firing ppl on the spot ._.

But also have been making choices and goin through with them and safe to say, im feeling much more happy with myself. It was a long due move and im proud that i finally saw the light and went toward it lol ..

There are also some things which i still have no solutions for..

I always said, the people who really care for you, will nvr leave you no matter how many times u shut them out and ask them to leave u alone. And ill always stood true to that, but now im starting to doubt my stand.

A few months ago i posted that i lost all my smses from my old phone and though at the time i felt i could do nothing more to salvage it coz my sis who got it from me, deleted it all coz i was taking too long to think whether i shd keep it or not. And it was ok, i suppose, for awhile. Until lately. Now i realise i miss those old smses, coz they were really out of care and lately i have received nothing like that.

I guess i will nvr get those anymore. Things have changed :)

Everyday i think, should i try again? Should i care as much as i did? And everytime, i get disappointed. Im starting to think its really not worth it. Not when im only treated as a spare.

There was a time when i did move on without u in my life, and i guess i could do it again.

But what should i do, really?

..time to look at the skies again and watch the clouds move :)

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