Monday, July 26, 2010

Yay! Finally took out my pics and edited them! :D

Im pooped x.x Actually took them out when i reached home earlier and b4 i could edit them, i went to lay down and ended up sleeping for 3hrs straight. LOL! Its been a tiring day la :(

Was looking forward to audi's new patch coz pang pang mode was suppose to come out in this patch, plus more new songs lor. Sadly, due to dono wat technical problems, it didnt happen =.= I wonder what they did during the 10am to 7pm supposedly patch + maintenance >_>

And babe? I sorta lied :p i do still audi lmao...not as much la, but i still do. Its u who dont play. Hmph! I wanna break cpl d! =.=

Click here to preview Space Pang Pang lol :)

Yes, its kinda weird lol and kinda noisy, but still new mode :p Im actually looking forward to see when they will bring in the Rhythm Holic cats and dogs and shakers and stuff lmao :x Bleh..

Oh ya! My new headphone courtesy of a zhu.. :)

♥ Thanks babe :)

And just in time, the last one u gave me was going silent in one ear. And no its not coz im chu lu ok, its was..just..coz...i dono la! Ima good user ok? Not like someone i know ._. I think its the connection point problem...yes yes, i think thats wat it is :D

I think my pics are getting nicer no? Ok, totally random i know but still nice right?? Hehe :x Im planning to take up back my previous hobby which i sorta deserted, photography :D Only problem is most of the one day courses are in Nikons' KL campus. Hmmm.. shall plan soon :)

Should i add Nikon Dlsr D90 to my wishlist? :p

Must go dream of getting more money to fulfill my wonderful list of wonderful stuffies!

Note: Please scroll down for past posts coz i tend to post late and do alot of backposting :x Ps not a bery hardworking blogger *pouts* Thats if u wanna read la ._.

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