Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Blues? :S


Accidently lost track of time and its already Monday morning x.x and lost my Sunday post....*sobs*

Blames babe for making me once again preoccupied with a new game lolx D: Ok ok, its not entirely your fault that i have certain ocd's which urge me to be better at a game and get myself so immersed in it that i lose all sense of time and space n the people around me ._.

So ima freak, bite me >_>"

Mum was like, u better dont be playin with it at work tomoro ar...she kidding ar? Im not that addicted till cant put down the phone de...sheesh what is she thinking? Goodness i feel so insul-....hmmm, ima abit worried i will be somehow dy *pouts*

Ahhh blablablablabla...I wont! I shall control my urges! D: I just hope Monday goes well and im not left staring wide eyed with nothing to do as we normally would first day on the job...golly, i hope i dont fall asleep! *gulps*

So wish me luck guys at new place tomoro kay! :D

Sunday was basically spent at home...mainly in bed..well not the entire day la, i went out in the early afternoon to gurney to get my guess iphone case :D Didnt think it would be so nice but it was and im happy with it hehe ;)

And then i came home and slacked on ze bed...hey, ive been out for the past 2days lor..need to rest de lor.. D: And didnt have Jp class today coz we're moving on to 2nd level which only starts in another 2weeks lol :) So hell yea, it was well deserved rest okie! :x

So twas' my lazy sunday afternoon, napped, woke up, played bn, watched dvd, napped? :x Wanted to get new dvd's at midlands earlier but sadly not much new shows were on sale ._. sadded.

Oh wells, now for ze piccy's of moi new toy! :D

Ze phone... :D

Ze case... :p

Nice right? nice right? Say nice please? :p I dont care..i say its nice ;) Funny thing is, i didnt expect to get it so soon and so easily.. Mum followed me to the shop and after all the explanation she was like, ok, up to u.. *dont ask me why my mum needs to follow me, its just wat she does and i being the good daughter obliges :x* Anyway, ya, my mum approving it means alot coz that means she wont bug me whenever she sees me using it..Lol..Wat a twisted life i lead ...~

So that was that, my dream phone finally by my side and i can tick off another thing off my wishlist :D *does the happy danceee* :p

Ok la, enuf of happy-ing and time to get to bed~! Happy Monday blues all and have a great week ahead ne! :D

P.s. Sis was asking me why i dont do a collage and put the pics in all together...but that would mean the pics are much smaller and im in a show-off-sy kind of mood..LOL! Bla. Nites!

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