Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday baby!!

Whooop!! Its finally hereeee...!!! why do we get so idiotically excited over the weekends? Coz we dont have to work thats why!! Lol..ok, dont mind my overly idiocy ._. Im just in need of sleep time, which is coincidently what i have been doing these past few days. Falling asleep,with the phone in my hand >_>

Now now, u might say im being extremely addicted. So dont! I have my mum doing that everyday, so no need to remind me somemore ok? Though i must stress, im not really that addicted (pls dont mind the "i fell asleep with phone in hand" line) :x

Thing is, its always the same sentence being used, when i was "addicted" to the pc, or when i was "addicted" to audi...bla bla bla.. Tell me somethin i dont know can? Boring leh :p

Now i realised my blog has been lacking photos, unlike last time. Reason being? I have no things to take pics off. Simple as that ._. Though i would love too, like they say, a picture says a thousand words...or simply put, i don't have to type so much crap to keep u entertained :x

Fret not my fellow earthlings, i shall post some pics of sinful foods on saturday... bro's birthday ;) So look at it and weep ppl! Yummy :p

Oh ya, let me sidetrack abit from telling u about my oh so eventful life and tell u guys a convo i heard between mum and sis the other day..

Mum was asking sis about shop in Queensbay Mall and how to get there..

Sis: Seriously, u just take the lift down, its just at the lower ground area nia.
Mum: But which one is the lower ground?
Sis: The one below ground floor ._.
Mum: I know la, but any other level after lower ground bo?
Sis: Got.
Mum: See! What level?
Sis: Hell =.=

LOL! I almost choked on my coffee when i heard this. Seriously sis, i und ur feeling totally...ahahahaha :X For those who think this is not funny, LAUGH ALSO! Wan kena smack ar? Im entertaining your otherwise mundane life ok? Sheesh!

Eh wait, sidetrack again... my phone has no screen protector :x I knw totally random, just was looking at it and realised bro told me dont need de coz its scratch proof. Now tell me, is he bs-ing me again? ._.

Ok, back on track.. hmmm...erm....being on track ish not bery fun >_>

Anyway, looking for new games to play on my phone, but the batt life really a kill joy awhile nia, then the toopid "20% battery left" msg pops up dy. So much for gaming on the go. Gaming while attached to the power point more like it ._.

Oh wells, time to oink and get some rest. But lately, been having weird dreams again which at times makes no friggin sense at all. Worse part is i can remember them even after i wake up. Really buggin me man, sheesh.

Till tomoro! Ja matane! :)

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