Monday, August 16, 2010



I guess ive been missin in action again huh? :p And even after blocking my blog, im still getting spammed >_> Anyone gt any ideas? Bery bery annoyin can?

So, after poofing for more than a week, wat has happened in my always beautiful world? Nothin much but extreme tiredness ._. I actually plan to blog at work de lo, coz i dont really have much to do, bt i always end up not being able to for some reason. It seems like i hv alot of work n seem pretty busy, but i dont see it leh...O_O

Guess the time just really whooshes by at work now...hmmm..

Anyway, like i said, its been a pretty busy week. Jp classes are back on after a short our jp results back and i must say i did quite well considering i didnt hv time to finish it ._. Now we're in Elementary 2 and learning Katakana writings...Man, i havent even really memorised the 1st one lo. Wth.. and to top it off, the class is larger than before due to additional students from another class. Well, we'll see how long that :x Some ppl just no determination de...tsk tsk :D

Other than that, was having my exams for one of my teaching dip modules, and write dao hand wan break. Goes to show how much ive been holding a pen ._. the next one is gonna be even worse, due next month. That one have to write 3 freakin essays and one of them is ard 750 words. FML.

So, had classes throughout the weekend. Thank god its only once a month that i need to sacrifice my rest days, and luckily it didnt drag on till to late, prolly coz, this module just needs a lot of reading up. I was really almost fallin asleep in class coz the lecturer was TTT-ing most of the time. (TTT- Teacher Talk Time..Lolz).

Other than that, nothing much has happened. Well, they've been some happenings, just not worth reminiscing about i suppose. What has happened, has past. Though it still hurts when i suddenly recall it, but it will heal ba. And whether or not u meant it or not, is kinda unimportant dy nw :)

One thing is for sure, i really really really need a break considering i nvr did stopped working from old one to new one. Maybe go down kl and look up some old friends :D That could a good plan lolz. Also making plans to go UK sometime before Dec or maybe early Jan? Hopes so :)

Well, thats about it. Still hooked on BN for the mean time, aiming for lvl 100 :p Heard that audi is having x2 exp and x2 dens...shd i also chiong exp now ? :x

Anyways, thank goodness ill be having my much needed rest time. Plan to stay at home and rot..unless mum gets ideas ._. Oh ya...its my bro's birthday! Hmmm...

Guess thats about it...and i really really really really need to get rid of the spam in my chat box. Extremely annoyin to the max and somehow blogger template seems to look weird and i cant justify my paragraphs dy. Zzzzz...

Till my next post then! Tootles! :D

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