Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Bro!!

Yeah, its kinda belated..but still one day nia lor..and besides it wasnt on purpose de..i ter-forget save a post for ytd ._. bite me lar! Bleh..



As much as u irritate me and say im obsessed and psycho when i ask u to do things, but hey, u also same hor, if not even worse..LOL! =p So i hope ur wishes keep coming true and u keep fatt fatt choyyy arrrr!!!! Then can buy me new car..LMAO :X

So wat was up during the weekends? Nothing much? As usual la lol. Worked half day on Saturday coz bosses going off to Shanghai d for one week T_T So ima gonna be in the office alone most of the times. Hopefully everything goes well and smoothly lor :D Abo i dieeeeee!! *pouts*

After work, stayed at home and become bedridden lol..for most part of the day too :x Well, i did say i wanted to rest le ma after an exhausting week lol. And it was ok la, not enuf still i must say ._. Time like tick tocks by even faster when ur doing nothing >_>

Didnt go anywhere at nite for bro's bday too, just stayed at home and had a family meal which now consists of steamed veggies lolz. Well, its been like that for almost a week d. Healthy living la katakan hahas.. wat to do, we sinned too much with yummy food. So far so good leh, no withdrawal or symptoms of denial yet. LOL! Lets see who will be the 1st to break :p Till now all still bery semangat leh.. Good good! rofl:X

Sunday mornings were spent in nihongo no benkyou o shimasu as usual, and classes gettin more n more difficult by the week...hmmmm.. i feel an out of body experience dy now when im in class.. Maybe im doing too many things at once..And i still was thinking of photography lessons. LOL! Ima on a suicide mission :x

Nvm la, i will make it! Mag mag gambarimashyou ne!

Oh ya, got piccys of bro's cake, but nt we buy de coz apparently office colleagues bought secret recipe de cake for him, so he asked us not to dy. But my ... pic .. is .. D: Blah. Shall take it out when im kut lat again lol..Now my pc is like left idling most of the times and i only use it to play Cafe world, Slots and my scratch offs (yes, i still play =p) AND AND AND....the cake not bery nice :x We even gave half away to sis de friend lool..Banana de..nt really our fav and the bananas abit hmm..dono how to say ._.

Thats about it, i think. Oh and im meeting up with old colleagues from my ex ex ex job this coming weekends...wah, i just realised i changed quite a number dy lol. :X Wat can i say, i live vicariously (not to my mum's approval) and i get bored easily =p

Doinks to all of you. Buaizzz!!

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