Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ode to Humanity!

or rather to the lack of it =.=

Reason for me saying is coz just a cpl of days back, i witnessed human selfishness and heartless-ness up close and personal. Not that i havent seen it before, but this time it was just words come to mind.

Cause of my sudden outburst is my about 2 hses down de neighhbour.This is the story and im sure u'll be able to imagine how i felt being me. If not, then pretend that u do can?

Well, these ppl had this white dog and everyday they would walk the dog, play with it and u knw, do the normal owner pet thingy. Then suddenly one day they got a new dog and decided they didnt want the old dog anymore and so locked it out of the gate. Yes, just like that. It was like telling it, we dont want u anymore, we loved u ytd, but no more today. Sick right?

Anyway, dogs being dogs, it stood by the gate, still being ever protective of the ppl he used to call owners, guarding it gates and the hse relently every single day, even whn it rained, it just stood there, drenched with no shelter. Now me being an animal lover, and my family of coz, felt angered by this cowardly act. How could ppl be so unforgivingly cruel? But we forget, ppl are nasty beings, they can kill each other, so what is this? Lol..

We tried our best to get ppl to take it in, and we would hv too, but it refused to leave its ex owner. So, wat could we do but to watch out for it, coz there were lotsa stray dogs ard which were much more meaner.

Weeks turned into months and the previously clean white dog, was nw grey. Family was still looking fr ppl to take him in bt time was really running out. Thankfully there were still a few good souls who fed it every day. I wished one of them could hv taken him.

Our nightmare turned reality when one day i reached home and saw it standing in front of my house with a bruised eye and badly bitten jaw :( My heart sank and we could do nothing more but to try n feed it, but it disappeared again in the middle of the nite.

The next day, i went back hm fr lunch and saw it tied with dam short rope outside of the ex owners house. And abt 15mins later, SPCA came and took it. We all know wat this in this condition will most prolly be euthanised. And it was the owner who called it in wtffff! If they had called it in when they first dumped him, he could hv been easily adopted, bt in his current state, no way that was gonna happen..

I remember vividly the look on its face as it was dragged into the van..i wonder if it knows wat will happen... heart sunk even more..

That same nite, i saw that family walkin into their home and laughing, i felt disgusted that they did not feel one string of remorse or sadness over what happened to the dog who despite being deserted never once deserted them.

I pray that Karma is awake to see this and teach these people the meaning of compassion.

Somehow, my pain is not so significant anymore and ive learned that no one can be trusted to love n care for you. Only i can do that :)

P.s. I know ur in a better place now, free from the pain n suffering :)

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