Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tadaima! :)

Ima back!!!! :D

Lol..well after a just 4 days of mia'ing nia la...not bad lor ok? I still come in everyday to check and apparently my chatbox has been invaded by dono who o.o... hence ive decided to once again close my blog to open invites only. Sucks, but wat to do...i dont like messy stuff esp from ppl i dont even know =.=

Also, been busy with new work :) and i dont really have my own pc yet coz they're actually closing their year end accs, so shall only get new assets next month. Oh wells, till then lor ;) So not only have i been away from my blog, ive not even fb'ed these few days. Plus home net seems kinda unstable...or maybe its fb coz i seem to have trouble loggin in my games ._. So i just shut down pc and go watch tv :p

Plus the fact that ive been somewhat addicted to BN. I only have one person to blame for that :x LOL! My sleeping hours have been become kinda screwy due to the notifications that come in during my sleep and i battle sometimes half asleep ._. No, im not that addicted, just dont know how to off the bladi notification >_>"

So, how has work been?

Erm,its been ok i suppose. Nice to work actually and the bosses are nice :) so no complaints there lol. Well so far la. But then i guess for them to also give special leave for birthday is a plus point. LOL! I knw right? Its so cute :p

Still in the dumbass mode where u have to learn everything from scratch about how they do things. One good point is, i start work at 9.30 and the office is like less than 10mins away frm home..hehehehe! Extra sleep ish good :p
Anyway, theyve been readying me for when they go off for a trade fair sometime at the end of the month. So yea, not to say not busy but also not overly busy. Get it? Lol..
Thats that, my rather sort update coz ive seemingly fallen into the trap of the iphone. And its constantly by my side for now lolz. My mum said to sis the other day, "She got an iphone, i lost a daughter" H-a-h-a mum...ur so amusing ._.
I promise i shall update more! Problem is, i dont really have my own pc at work :(
I also dont wan ppl say , "No update also" Blehs... u guys know who u are.

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