Thursday, August 19, 2010

Exhausted x.x

And its only Thursday..T^T

With work and studyin and mentally exhausted and drained. Guess the past week has been murder @_@;;

But that being said, am looking forward to the coming weekends, hoping to get some rest, i hope. And also with slight apprehension for the coming week coz bosses will be goin off to Shanghai for the week leavin me Office Alone *smacks cheeks ala Mcaulay Culkin* Lol.. :X

Part of me is happy to be finally be able to slack slightly :XX the other part is petrified! What if ppl come in and i dont know to serve them?? Tmd im skedddddd... Rofl. Yaya, as if i give a damn. Just do the "im kinda new here so forgive if im wrong" look and im scott free! Believe it or not, i almost 99.99% get away with it. Hey, im not happy being the dumb ass ok? I would rather be helpful D:

Anyway, i can foresee that for the coming week, i will most prolly be doin data entry (zzzzzz...boring) of past customers and looking into their filing system (zzzzzz again) But im still happy working here ba, considering my almost not busy days and yet i have so much to do days here.. Get me? Blahs if u dont.... :p

Jp class was horridly excrutiatingly painful ytd. Sensei's tryin to get us to converse more hence answer and qn sessions by us. Funny thing is, i think he expects more from my grp of 4 ppl than the rest of the class ._. As in the difficulty in qns asked. Good thing? Should be, but not when ur in the limelight. Double blas.

Need to practice more dy and get more smooth when talking. Not like some cacat-ed (no offense) person. Wth._.

Oh wells, back to work. My spammed cbox has stopped fr the time being after reporting that i was being spammed >_> Hopefully it stays nice and pretty like this for awhile D:

And APAC, please leave a msg when u drop by..dont be a stranger ;)

Back to work!! :3

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