Friday, November 12, 2010


Lol...yea, in the end i took the whole day off as mc even tho i initially thought of taking the afternoon off to prepare for my practicals tomoro. But the bosses were all busy and since all not talking to each other, what better way than me taking the whole day and leaving them alone.. hahaha :X

But i was actually feeling sick de hor in the afternoon x.x Had a bad tummy ache and migraines were killing me as usual. Didnt wanna feel sick the next day, im already feeling nauseous and panicking enuf @_@;

Shd be ok ma hor? I dont think i did anything bad..altho i feel like i did..but then that just me being paranoid :s

So slept it off in the afternoon and started compiling my worksheets and lesson plans for tomoro just now lol.. I really hope i dont freak out tomoro...its been awhile since i went up in front of alot of ppl and crapped even if its for half n hour nia *_* And to think, mum was reminding me of all the times i mc-ed for events, but thats not the same lor, coz i cant really see the ppl im talking too coz of all the bright lights LOL x)

Was watching one of bro's DVDs while doing all this, lol dont ask, i have a tendency to work better if there was tv noise in the background...seriously! :x But it was some extremely and i mean extremelyyyyyyy lame ass show, "MacGruber" Omg wtf-ing type of lame ok? Its a cross between Jackass and Scary Movie type movie .__. So if thats yr tha'ng then this is yr show, if not i seriously dont recommend you to watch it or you'll end up feeling like me, having the urge to bitch slap the lead actor >_>

Watch Grown Ups instead!

I mean it! Its extremely hilarious with the most funniest cast :D I ended up watching it 2ce leh...really go watch it and ull know wat i lame ass jokes here, well there were some, but funny lame ass jokes :p

Ok la, time to get some shut eye and pray i go thru tomoro in one piece :)


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