Thursday, November 4, 2010


Well, i know this is gonna come out a little too late, but hell, who cares! Its my blog and u say nothing about it...lalalala :x

Hehe, ok la, enuf of the self consoling, moronic ass crap from me, im just happy that its finally Friday and ima don have to work...come cheer with me ok? Yay! Yay! Yay! :p

Downside would be...i hv to work on Saturday...full day somemore! So not gonna think about it now and enjoy my rest day..hurhur :S

Anyway, took some pics of the new Rhythmholic mode on Audi lol, just for fun...yea im THAT bored :x Been playing alot of audi again recently, and i the max ._. Blahhhhh.

After like xN times, finally got it abit...i just realised my rhythm sucks ALSO now >_> And to think my 1 2 party was good T_T

Crying doggies and meows coz i missed ._.


Lets forget about my suckiness and lets continue cheering for ma hori-dai again mmkay?

Woots woots woots!! :D

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