Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So how was ur Monday? How? How? How? Good or not? Lol...

Mine, not so much ._. all coz of the silent treatment which is still going on in the office with the bosses and is slowly getting on my nerves. I cant work with ppl who cant work together, even if they work perfectly fine with me, but its like im in the middle of all them ._.

Regardless of hw kepo i can be at times, this is so not my thing and i hate, no wait hate is not s strong enuf word, em.. cant think of any others, but yes i HATE being the messenger, coz u knw what they say right? The messenger always gets gunned down ._. even if they're not directly shooting at u, its still not fun. Gah.

Its a wonder they can actually stop talking for almost a month dy leh. Wth =\ Grown-ups are weird. LOL! :S

Oh well, nom nom nom nom..

Moving on, cant believe its actually November ady and moving faster, soon itll be Christmas and Harpie New Year! again... 2011! *gulps* I think someone should pull the time brakes abit, moving abit too fast for comfort x.x

Tho, im actually looking forward to Xmas.. its the only time of the year which makes me warm n fuzzy... Hahaha :D

Oh yea, after so many friggin months of trying to get photoshop to work, i finally got it! Wee! Now i can experiment again on picture and ava editing :D...tho i havent gotten the grasp of Cs5, but nvm, Youtube tutorial ftw! *and to think i shd be studying for my exams* tsk tsk...Rawrers!

Nya nya nya....dont judge a poor soul like me ma :x

Oh my, im so proud, i did 4 posts in less than 2 hrs...hiak, and its almost time for lunch. Dont get me wrong, im actually busy de, except fr the days the accounts ppl come and i end up with nothing much to do coz they'll be using the pc i normally use to make orders and stuff...this pc im on now, is just for me to play on.. Lolololol...

Ok la, back to work lor, happy working all! ._.

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